PQ Awards 2022 shortlist

This year's PQ Awards ceremony, hosted by PQ Magazine, will take place at Proud Embankment on 25 April.

Photograph of the floorspace at Proud Embankment venue in London
Source: PQ Magazine.

CIPFA has been nominated for two awards this year – a huge thank you to everyone who voted. We're also proud to be sponsoring Accountancy Team of the Year for 2022. The full list of nominees is as follows.

  • NQ of the Year – ThorViolet Harman, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
  • PQ of the Year – ?
  • Distance Learning Student of the Year – Geraldine Farrell-Braga, WHO
  • Public Sector Lecturer of the Year – Christine Walls, The Big Discussion
  • Student Body of the Year – CIPFA Student Network
  • Accountancy Personality of the Year – Caroline al-Beyerty, City of London Corporation
  • Training Manager/Workplace Mentor – Kathryn Long, Essex Council
  • Graduate/Apprenticeship Programme of the Year – CFIA
  • Public Sector College of the Year – CETC

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