Enrol now for the new Social Care Enhanced Insights service

This new service will enable data-led budgetary and performance solutions and consultancy services to be delivered to organisations that provide adult social care and children’s services.

Adding to already increased pressure, COVID-19 has continued to place immense strain on both adult social care and children’s services. Costs are rising from a surge in demand, and there are new challenges emerging from the provider market and limited resources available. Therefore, there is a clear need to utilise and understand the data, and to share best practice and innovating ideas, in order to better allocate public funds to make the most impact in terms of financial and service improvements

CIPFA and Peopletoo are both dedicated to helping local authorities and care providers deliver quality public services to their communities. By working together, we are better able to understand and analyse big data to provide quality insights and recommendations for care providers in order to help them understand where best to spend public funding.

CIPFA’s expertise in data gathering and processing from local authorities, combined with Peopletoo’s comprehensive skills in analysing social care data, will provide clear benchmarking of services output, insights into budget spend and identify opportunities for cost savings. Individual organisations will be able to clearly and easily understand their performance output and see how it compares to that of their geographical neighbours. The data used to provide the service is collected from two short questionnaires that the care provider is asked to complete upon enrolment, which is then combined with publicly available data from central and local government.

A bespoke two-hour workshop will also be offered as part of the package. In this workshop, the organisation will receive a detailed understanding of current performance and costs, comparisons to regional neighbours and an exploration of potential challenges and opportunities ahead. Finally, the care provider will also receive actionable insights, recommendations and strategies to implement across their teams.

If you’d like to know more, download the service brochure, and to sign up, contact customerservices@cipfa.org.

Social Care Enhanced Insights

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