Summer entertainment: discover member-recommended reads, podcasts, films and series

Whether you’re looking to learn something new or just looking to relax, your fellow public finance professionals have plenty of entertainment recommendations for this summer. In no particular order, here is what your fellow CIPFA members and students have been endorsing in their case studies.

Vector icon of a film clapperboard  All the President’s Men (1976)

Outgoing CIPFA South West President Christina Earls recommends this biographical political thriller telling the story of the Nixon era Watergate scandal. Timeless and highly regarded in the movie industry as “culturally and historically” significant, this film first coined the catchphrase “follow the money” in relation to Watergate.

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Vector icon depicting a podcast  Planet Money

Finance graduate Humphrey Thompson recommends this podcast of short finance explainers that helps keep you up to date on the impacts of pressing economic issues. It’s also a fantastic resource for those who do not have a financial background and who are looking to increase their knowledge and understanding. With regular episodes that range from 6–30 minutes in length, this contemporary form of economic journalism is widely accessible through streaming platforms such as Spotify and via an app.

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Vector icon of an open book  A Random Walk Down Wall Street, Burton G. Malkiel

One for those considering dipping their toes into the stock market, especially in today’s volatile times. Head of Pensions and Treasury at Haringey Council Tim Mpofu CPFA recommends Malkiel’s book for anyone interested in how the financial markets work. Considered a classic ‘lifecycle guide’ to investing, it seeks to instill confidence in those navigating the markets.

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Vector icon of a film clapperboard  The Accountant (2016)

“Accountancy with a touch of James Bond” is how David Smith, Executive Director of Resources at Broadacres Housing Association describes this engaging action/thriller movie. The story follows a certified public accountant with high-functioning autism as he makes a living unravelling terrorist and criminal organisations’ operations by ‘uncooking’ their books.

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Vector icon of an open book  Being an NHS Chief Executive, What They Never Told Me, Lisa Rodrigues

Financial Planning Analyst at NHS England Tahmid Ahmed praises this “honest, eye-opening account” from Lisa Rodrigues about her experiences in one of Britain’s most demanding jobs. Rodrigues is candid about her lifelong experiences with mental illness, and her story makes for essential reading for those interested in careers in NHS management.

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Vector icon of a television screen  New Amsterdam (Amazon Prime)

Described as “pure escapism” by IMPOWER Consulting Director Ebony Hughes, this series is inspired by a real medical doctor’s experiences working in one of America’s oldest public hospitals. Dramatic and emotionally gripping, the show centres around one doctor’s mission to reform the hospital and provide care of the highest standard to patients, and there are plenty of challenges along the way, including financial and budgetary.

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Vector icon of a film clapperboard  White Riot (2020)

David Enticott, Finance Director at Derby Homes sees the ethos of the public sector mirrored in this 2020 film about the Rock Against Racism movement of the 1970s. An advocate of the movement himself, David says it was “all about doing what was right and helping others”. The film explores the powerful impact music has in driving and influencing change and demonstrates how Rock Against Racism’s message resonates just as much today as during its heyday.

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Vector icon of an open book  The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking Public vs Private Sector Myths, Mariana Mazzucato

With in-depth analysis of innovation-led growth from the advent of the internet to biotechnology, this “inspirational book about the public sector being far more able to innovate and develop entrepreneurial solutions than many people realise and recognise” is the recommendation from Gareth Davies FCPFA, Comptroller and Auditor General at the UK National Audit Office. The book also handles forward-looking topics such as the “green revolution”, which is led by public sector and state investment.

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